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TFSS 5.0

05/20/2016 - Of Masters and Mayhem Wreckers tie-in part 3!

Prose Fiction!Here it is, our third installment of the 4-part prose series that ties directly into the ongoing TCC comic story. Impactor has two recruits lined up so far, Counterpunch and Fractyl, but this next bot may be far too toxic for the Wreckers! Click the thumbnail to read this next installment!

For more information on the toys that will make up this new Wreckers team as well as other great characters such as Double Pretender Optimus Prime, Double Pretender Megatron and the Paradron Medic Lifeline, check out the TFSS 5.0 on our official TCC Facebook page and then order the TFSS 5.0!

** Please note: we have now changed the software so that members who have been in the system since the spring 2012 conversion can order from the store and/or order the TFSS 5.0. This also includes all members who have recently expired or have expired since 2012. If you have forgotten your password, you can go to the Club Store and retrieve it under the "My Account" Section.

TFSS 5.0 is the final subscription offering from the Transformers Collectors' Club. The subscription period ends on May 26 at 11:59pm CST. If you want to get this final offering, please do not wait until the last minute. These figures will ship in the fall.

05/17/2016 - Transformers FSS 4.0 2nd Billing Update!

TFSS 4.0 Update!Please log in and update your credit card at the FSS 4.0 site if you are on the installment plan. You need to do this by noon on Thursday (May 19th). Please note that you must use this link... Click Here! Logging into the club store will not do anything to the FSS billing as they are different systems.

If your membership has expired, we are still working on a way that you can log in and update your information. Please contact if you can't log in and need to update your billing information. Just as a reminder, we will only attempt your billing three times. After these attempts, we will discontinue your subscription. Also, there is an additional admin charge for each attempt.

We hope you enjoyed your second figure. The third shipment will be on its way to you soon. Thanks for your support!

05/13/2016 - Of Masters and Mayhem Wreckers tie-in continues!

Prose Fiction!We are thrilled to release the second installment of the 4-part prose series that ties directly in to the ongoing TCC Magazine comic story. Impactor has recruited his first new Wrecker and the journey continues to track down the scientist known as Fractyl, but will he get to him before the Rapticons get to him first? Click the thumbnail to read this second installment!

For more information on the toys that will make up this new Wreckers team as well as other great characters such as Double Pretender Optimus Prime, Double Pretender Megatron and the Paradron Medic Lifeline, check out the TFSS 5.0 on our official TCC Facebook page and then order the TFSS 5.0!

05/09/2016 - Of Masters and Mayhem Wreckers fiction tie-in!

Prose Fiction!For everyone following the current Transformers Collectors' Club Magazine storyline "Of Masters and Mayhem", last issue fans were introduced to Impactor, leader of the Wreckers... Or former leader as it is. With his team gone, a Cybertron deserted and the scourge of Thunder Mayhem ever present on his mind, Impactor has sworn to rebuild his team. That journey behind now with "The truth we make", the first of a 4-part prose series that ties directly in to the ongoing Club comic story. Click the thumbnail to read this first installment!

For more information on the toys that will make up this new Wreckers team as well as other great characters such as Double Pretender Optimus Prime, Double Pretender Megatron and the Paradron Medic Lifeline, check out the TFSS 5.0 on our official TCC Facebook page and then order the TFSS 5.0!

04/29/2016 - Transformers Collectors’ Club FSS 5.0 is LIVE!

TFSS 5.0!The Transformers Figure Subscription Service (TFSS) 5.0 order period is now open. As of now, the TFSS is only open to active Transformers Collectors’ Club members. In the next few weeks we will be offering an option for ANY past member of the Club to order the TFSS 5.0 as well.

In the meantime, if you are an active member you can order your TFSS 5.0 now. Please note, there is no limit on the number of subscriptions you can purchase as the TFSS is built to order. Click the TFSS 5.0 banner to log-in!

The order period will run until midnight May 26th, 2016. In addition, please ignore the Join link on the log in page. It has been disabled.

You can either pay in full or by installment. Also, everyone that completes the full TFSS will also receive a BONUS 7th deluxe figure! This bonus 7th deluxe figure features a head sculpt not yet released at U.S. retail.

Thank you for your support and we hope you are as excited as we are about the TFSS 5.0!

04/20/2016 - BotCon 2016 Items now in Club Store!

BotCon 2016!Check out the TCC Store for the remaining 2016 BotCon souvenir items from this final show. Please note that the boxed sets are a pre-order and will not arrive from the manufacturer until the end of May. If you pre-order the boxed sets along with other items, you will receive two shipments.

Also, the TFSS 4.0 shipment will arrive this week and we plan to get the first figure out to subscribers ASAP. We need everyone to login and update your address if you have moved. In addition, the next installment payment will be processed on May 18th, so please make sure your information is still correct. Because of the delay by the factory, we will be sending out each figure about three weeks apart.

After you log in, click My Account in the bottom lefthand corner and you can update your address and credit card information there.

Thanks for your support, enjoy the figures!

04/02/2016 - New Beast Wars: Uprising story online!

Micro Aggressions!We now have available our fourth story in the Beast Wars: Uprising ongoing prose series titled “Micro-Aggressions”. You can view it now by clicking the story thumbnail. Also, if you haven’t seen our other new story "Noon” be sure to check that out as well. That story takes place before the events of 2015 Club comic “Another Light” and is part 2 of that 3-part series.

Be sure to check out each of these great featured stories by clicking the Fiction button to the left.

03/21/2016 - BotCon Registration Deadline & Guest Update!

BotCon 2016!Today (March 21st) is the last day to preregister for BotCon 2016 as a Primus, Golden Ticket Primus, Protoform or Minicon package holder. Also, if you have not yet added your Judd Nelson VIP Pass, today is the last day to add that to your attending package via the BotCon online registering system. BotCon 2016 is being held in Louisville, Ky April 7-10 at the Galt House Hotel. If you don't register today, you will need to come to late registration at the Galt House on Friday, April 8th, at 9:30 am. Availability is not guaranteed.

Two big announcements on this final day! First, we are thrilled to announce that Casey Coller and Josh Perez provided the artwork for this years Judd Nelson VIP Pass art print! Casey and Josh are just two of the OVER TWENTY TRANSFORMERS ARTISTS that will be set up in the BotCon 2016 Artists' Alley. The Judd Nelson VIP Pass includes an in-person autograph from Judd, a pro photo with Judd, an exclusive cloisonne' pin, the exclusive Hot Rod art print by Casey and Josh and VIP seating at the Judd Nelson Saturday Q&A. The cost of the VIP Pass is $129 and can be added to both new and existing BotCon attendee packages through the BotCon Registration system.

Our other big announcement is that our final guest for BotCon 2016 is none other than Aaron Archer! From the Beast Wars line through Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Aaron has been part of the production of thousands of Transformers toys. Aaron was also part of the Hasbro team that worked with Paramount and Michael Bay to bring the Transformers to life across four films and Transformers: The Ride. During Aaron's time on Transformers he worked to expand the Transformers mythos beyond toys to publishing, television, movies, video games, and fan conventions.

03/15/2016 - Last day to become a Transformers Collectors’ Club member is Friday, March 18th!

TCC Membership!Hey Transformers fans! Click the story thumbnail to check out our latest ad highlighting many of the offerings we have planned for 2016. There are only a few days left to sign up for the Transformers Collectors’ Club, so make sure you get your membership today! You can Join Now and be a part of the Club!

Note: Anyone with an active membership as of March 16th will be able to purchase the TFSS 5.0 and items from the Club store through the end of 2016, even if it expires between March 17th and December 31st.

03/11/2016 - BotCon and TCC March Update!

BotCon 2016!We have some exciting news! On Friday afternoon, BotCon registered attendees will be treated to a script reading panel starring Judd Nelson, David Kaye, Venus Terzo, and Gregg Berger! To see this you must be a registered attendee, so make sure you have signed up for your Primus, Golden Ticket Primus, MiniCon or Protoform package. Also, for those who have already registered, if you have not yet added your Judd Nelson VIP Pass to your existing package you can do that today! Visit BotCon for the details and then if you need to register, add the VIP pass or do both!

Botcon Registration will close on March 21st, so there is not much time left to register. Currently there are only 30% of the Primus packages, 8% of the GT packages and 19% of the Iacon (non-attending) packages, left.

Please note that March 16th is the last day you can join the Transformers Collectors' Club. If you are interested in receiving the discounts for BotCon, the 2016 FREE Membership Incentive figure and/or purchasing the TFSS 5.0 (to be revealed in full at BotCon 2016), you will need to be an active member as of March 16th. All memberships will end December 31, 2016. Hasbro looks forward to sharing new plans for the Collector's Club with you in the future.

We appreciate your support over the last 12 years and wish the brand well in their new endeavors.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing each and every one of our Club members at BotCon 2016!

03/03/2016 - BotCon 2016 Judd Nelson VIP Pass!

BotCon 2016 Guest!We are thrilled to offer the BotCon 2016 Judd Nelson VIP PASS. This package upgrade allows you access to our very special BotCon 2016 guest, Judd Nelson! This is the FIRST EVER appearance for Judd Nelson at a Transformers convention! The VIP PASS is $129 and is in addition to the cost of your Primus, Golden Ticket Primus, Minicon or Protoform package.

Make sure to visit for full details and we look forward to seeing everyone in Louisville, Kentucky this April 7th-10th!

02/09/2016 - Issue 67 of the TCC Magazine brings the reveals!

TCC Magazine #67!Issue 67 of the TCC Magazine is starting to arrive. What will you get? ALL KINDS of great content including never before seen Transformers "Battle Beasts" designs from the 80's, the start of the new TCC comic story arc "Of Masters and Mayhem", the Back page feature with a comic by the very talented Josh Perez and first looks at the TFSS 5.0 figures Double Pretender Optimus Prime w/ HI-Q and Paradron Medic w/ Quickslinger. If all that isn't enough, we also have your first looks at in hand samples of the Free Membership Incentive figure Ramjet and the Club exclusive Skywarp (available for purchase in the Club store this Spring)!

Time is running out! To get Ramjet and 5 issues of the TCC Magazine you need to be a member by March 16th! This also allows you the opportunity to purchase the TFSS 5.0, receives a discount on your 2016 BotCon package and participate in Club contests! So wait no more, be sure to Join Now!

01/29/2016 - Transformers Collectors' Club Valentine's Day SALE!

TCC 2016 Sale!To honor your love of all things TRANSFORMERS, we are starting a SALE today through February 19th to celebrate St. Valentine's Day. Make sure to browse through the store inventory for some really great items at big discounts!

Check it out at! Look in the Clearance Section... while these supplies last!

01/20/2016 - BotCon 2016 Registration is LIVE!

BotCon 2016!The BotCon 2016 Registration is NOW LIVE. Make sure to visit and read the brochure to select your attendee/non-attendee package, custom class or to sign-up as an exhibitor for North America's LARGEST TRANSFORMERS fan convention!

You won't want to miss this truly spectacular TRANSFORMERS fan event!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Louisville, Kentucky this April 7th-10th!

01/13/2016 - The 2015 Diamond Edition Transformers Timelines Issue #11 is Available Now!

 Transformers Timelines Issue #11!Optimus Prime versus Megatron. A bitter rivalry that has spanned decades, generations, and now even universes! In this all-new story set in the multiversal hub known as Axiom Nexus, the heroic Autobot General Optimus Prime is on the hunt for his nefarious Decepticon counterpart and the rest of Cybertron's Most Wanted after what would appear to be a brilliant prison break. However, in the Cybertronian city of Axiom Nexus, nothing is ever what it seems; the power outage that allowed the breakout was actually caused by something far more dangerous. Something lurking in the shadows, deep inside the caverns city.

Don't miss the 2015 Diamond Edition Transformers Timelines Issue #11: Cybertron's Most Wanted... Order Now!

01/07/2016 - The New Year begins with Sunrise!

Sunrise!Happy New Year! To kick it off right, we are starting with a NEW series of prose fiction starring the e-hobby inspired Gobots! This exciting adventure is a sequel to "Solar Requiem" but also take place before the events of 2015 Club comic "Another Light". We are also pleased to announce that this latest offering has both an English AND a Japanese translation included in the pdf.

To read the all-new prose fiction story “Spatiotemporal Challengers Part 1: Sunrise", click the FICTION link along the menu bar to the left or click the story thumbnail.

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