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BotCon '05 Convention Guest Line-up!

(Updated 9.09.05)

Another name has been added to the line-up of celebrity guests for BotCon '05!
We are proud to announce the addition of Paul Dobson to the previously announced
guest list which includes Michael Dobson, Brian Dobson, Michael Chain and Wally Burr!

Paul Dobson is a 15 year veteran voice actor. He has worked on many shows and many of those have been "mechanically based". He has been the voice of Rodimus Prime, Sideways, Landmine, Overhaul, Red Alert and Clocker. In addition his credits also include: Inuyasha as Naraku, Myoga, and Ginta, The Vision of Escaflowne as Folken and Kio, Gundam Wing as Inspector Acht, Lt. Nicol, Dragonball Z as Zarbon, The Soul Taker as Richard Vincent, Reboot as Matrix, Beastwars as Obsidian, Ranma 1/2 as Happosai, Fatal Fury as Krauser and in Ronin Warriors as Anubis. Paul is very excited to be coming to BotCon '05 and spending time with the fans!
Michael Richard Dobson an accomplished and award winning actor has established himself as one of Vancouver’s busiest and most versatile actors. He is in literally thousands of commercials, video games, and animated shows, as well as live action work in features, TV movies and television series and also a teacher and mentor too many of his peers.

Michael has worked on Japanese “Anime” projects such as Starscream in "Transformers Armada”, “Transformers Energon and of course the latest “Cybertron", "Project Arms", "Jin Roh” as Fuse, "Dragon Ball Z" as Nappa, Spopovich, Supreme Kai and variety of other supporting characters. "Gundam Wing”, “Gundam Seed”, "Trouble Chocolate", "Hamtaro", "Earth Maiden Arjuna", "Escaflowne" as Dryden, “Inuyusha as Saya” and Megaman to name a few.

Michael’s recent animated features include; Disney’s “Bionicle” & "Bionicle the Mask of Light” as Kopaka, Toa Lakan & Krekka. Hasbro’s “Team Tonka” as a fire fighter, “GI JOE Valor vs. Venom” & "G.I. Joe Spy Troops” as Cobra Commander. Two characters on Warner Brothers’ "X-Men Evolution" as Blob, which won an Emmy!



Brian Dobson has been working as a professional voice actor for the past ten years. Based in Vancouver, Canada, he has worked on a wide range of projects in both film and television. Brian has established himself as a versatile voice actor lending his talents to many different animated series and features such as He Man and the Masters of the Universe, Dragon Ball Z, Zoids Fuzors, Gundam Wing as well as Transformers Armada and the current Transformers Cybertron, to name a few. Working on Transformers has been a great experience for Brian. Known for his role as Red Alert he is now also playing the role of Clocker. Botcon 2005 will mark Brian’s first visit to Texas, he is looking forward to joining in the festivities and hanging out with some fellow “robots in disguise!” Red Alert - Transform!!!!






Wally Burr certainly needs no introduction to Transformers fans. He was the voice director for The Transformers (1984), G.I. Joe and Inhumanoids animated TV series as well as Transformers: the Movie. He did fill-in voice work for several well known Transformers characters such as Jazz, Ratchet, Sharpnel, and Thundercracker. Mr. Burr has also done voice work for many feature films such as Pearl Harbor and other animated TV shows such as Spider-Man. He is perhaps the best known voice director in the animation field. Mr. Burr is a favorite of BotCon attendees. Don't miss this chance to meet him again or say hello for the first time.




Michael Chain enjoys a vibrant and varied career in the entertaiment industry. He is a film and television actor as well as an accomplished singer and song writer. Mr. Chain has done voice work on many feature films, television shows and commercials. He is probably most recognized by TransFans as the voices of Hoist, Powerglide, Red Alert and Skids from the 1984 Transformers animated TV series. Meet Michael Chain in person at BotCon '05!
Especially for the kids at BotCon, child actor Colton Dearing will be appearing on Saturday the 24th and signing autographs. Colton has been in three “Transformers” commercials and will be in the upcoming G.I. Joe Sigma Six commercial as well. As a younger kid, he had quite a collection of Transformers and became a whiz at their transformation. He used to time himself! He says it’s really hard doing it fast for the camera in commercials but it’s cool seeing yourself on T.V. on Saturday morning cartoons. Colton is a native of Burleson, Texas. He has been with the Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas doing commercials, modeling and movies for about four years. Last August, he got to spend a week in Monterey, Mexico shooting the movie, “Veritas, Prince of Truth”. It should be out this spring. Colton hopes to keep working in the business. He spent some time in L.A. and would like to be in another movie. In the meantime, he’ll keep transforming his robots!


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