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After the great success of the Transformers Figure Subscription Service (TFSS) 1.0, the Transformers Collectors' Club now brings you version 2.0! The TFSS is only available to active club members. This service is an optional feature and is not included in the cost of your annual Transformers Collectors’ Club (TCC) membership.

TFSS 2.0 consists of six different Transformers toys. You will receive six shipments starting in approximately May 2014, and then each month after that for a total of six months. Figures will be shipped in a surprise sequence (figure shipments will be the same for everyone each month) and it will also be a surprise each month as to which figure you receive! Your last shipment (6th shipment) will include a FREE mystery figure! That’s right, if you sign up for the TFSS 2.0 you will get a BONUS 7th figure! This 7th figure will never be sold in the club store. The only way to guarantee getting it is to sign up for the TFSS 2.0.

The limited edition TFSS 2.0 contains a variety of fan favorite characters from the Transformers mythos, all tied together by a great story to be told thru Transformers: Timelines. The assortment includes some very popular Generations, United and Transformers: Prime molds. For 2.0 we will be offering 5 Deluxes and 1 Scout with THREE new head sculpts. You will definitely want these toys as part of your Transformers Collection.

TFSS 2: Treadshot
TFSS 2: Barricade
TFSS 2: Fisitron
TFSS 2: Rewind
TFSS 2: Thrustinator
TFSS 2: Chromedome

Click the thumbnail images to check out the TFSS 2.0 products!

TFSS 2.0 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7

Click the thumbnail images to check out the TFSS 2.0 comic story!

The Figure Subscription Service 2.0 order period has ended!

For more information, please read our
TFSS 2 Frequently Asked Questions
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