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The limited edition TCC Figure Subscription Service contains a variety of fan favorite characters from all eras of the Transformers mythos. Two of the figures also feature all-new head sculpts.

Here are the 6 figures in the subscription service in random sequence:

Maximal Commander: Ultra Mammoth
Includes: Blue Bolt Cannon, Energy Bolts, Thunderstrike Missiles,
and Reconfiguration Matrix

Decepticon Espionage: Slipstream
Includes: AGP (Alternating Gyro-Power) Nullifiers

Autobot Messenger: Circuit
Includes: Invisibilty Screen Generator

Decepticon Scout: Breakdown
Includes: Concussion Rifle and Vibro Pulse Engine

Autobot Strategist: Jackpot
Includes: Photonic Penchaku

Decepticon Clone Commander: Scourge
Includes: Sword of Fury

The Transformers Figure Subscription Service (TFSS) order deadline ended September 10th, 2012!

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