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BotCon '05 Convention Seminars and Schedule!

Don't miss this very rare chance to hear the real inside story (directly from the Takara and the Hasbro teams) on how Takara and Hasbro interact on a daily basis. They will be discussing the creation of Transformers lines, how and why certain decisions were made, what was dropped out, and some very interesting stories. The presentation will include early boards and documents that will show the evolution of the Transformers lines.

Join us for this fascinating look into the design room at Hasbro. The Hasbro Transformers designers will be discussing and showing the steps involved in creating, designing, and manufacturing Transformers. This will give great insight as to why decos look like they do and how the team comes up with an engineering design that allows the character to transform between its bot mode and alt mode.

This will be the first public showing of upcoming Transformers products. The entire team will be taking questions during this seminar. Here is your chance to ask all of those Transformers questions you have been pondering.

Have you ever dreamed of being the voice of a Transformer? Have you ever thought how cool it would be to read alongside some of the great voice actors from Generation 1, Beast Machines, Cybertron and more? Well, here's your chance! Be sure to join us for this 2nd annual Wally Burr event in which you will have the chance to audition in front of this legend. Ten lucky finalists will be chosen from the auditions to participate in BotCon's own Transformers Idol in which Wally and a panel of experts will decide who will win the grand prize: a spot alongside Michael Chain, Paul Dobson, Michael Dobson, and Brian Dobson during the Saturday night script reading. Don't miss out on this once-in-
a-lifetime opportunity!
Initial auditions for Transformers Idol will be Friday from 1-1:45PM. The actual competition with the ten finalists will take place Saturday from 9-9:45AM.
Two winners will be selected, 1 male and 1 female, to participate in the Saturday night script reading. Each winner will need to be available on Saturday afternoon for a short rehearsal. Please make sure to have this time available if you wish to participate in the event as you may just be the next Transformers Idol at BotCon 2005! 

Join Paul Hitchens as we learn all about the story behind Transformers: The Movie! See the design process for the new characters and how the Matrix evolved into the final design. Original copies of the script used in production and full storyboards will be displayed along with examples of never before seen storyboards of deleted scenes. Test footage will be shown and explained. Discover how the movie was promoted to the public, to theatres and to toy stores. Finally, unusual trivia and errors from the movie will be covered in detail.

Our voice actor guests will be answering fan questions and discussing their roles on the various Transformers series. Join them as they share their own special stories and memories about their part in Transformers history! Check the seminar schedule for times and location.

MSTF -- it's a floor wax! It's a dessert topping! It's...neither, actually. Join Greg "M Sipher" Sepelak, Doug Dlin, and Phil Zeman (or whoever was conned into doing this) as they present an in-depth, detailed philosophical discourse about Transformers episodes cleverly disguised as jokes, quips, and skits on stage. Partially scripted, partially improvised, about the only thing guaranteed about MSTF is that it's probably unrehearsed.

Join IDW Editor Dan Taylor and Hasbro’s Creative Director Aaron Archer as IDW Publishing presents the premiere issue of The Transformers: Infiltration and the return of Hasbro’s The Transformers to comic books. Find out how the Transformers comic book series came to be, as well as learn where the series is heading, and how IDW Publishing and Hasbro collaborate to bring it all together. Also, get a sneak peek at what else is in store for the Transformers at IDW – including an announcement or two and a few surprises that are bound to please new and old Transformers fans alike.

Hosted by J.E. Alvarez, one of the BotCon Advisory Panel Members, this power point presentation of some of the rarest Transformers ever produced is a real treat. Included will be rare variations, unreleased figures, concept sketches, several prototypes and some extremely astonishing toy samples never before seen by the public. Of course, out of respect for the people who have donated images, there will be NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED!

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