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11/26/2015 - TCC Black Friday Specials!

TCC Black Friday Sale!Black Friday starts in a few short hours!

We have some AMAZING SPECIALS available to Transformers Collectors' Club members, but you have to act fast!

These deals will be gone almost as fast as they first appear! Check out the ad, enjoy your Thanksgiving Dinner and then be there as our DOOR BUSTER deals start at 12:00 am Friday morning!

Quantities are VERY Limited!

All the great deals can be found at

Happy Thanksgiving and we’ll see you online VERY EARLY Friday!

11/25/2015 - TCC Magazine Issue 66 "Another Light" Finale PREVIEW!

TCC Magazine #66!The Classicverse Autobots and the Shattered Glass Decepticons unite in a battle against Rodimus Prime and his new planet sized ally... Primus! After eons of slumber he is back and the only Transformers he plans on sparing are those Autobots loyal to him and the "true" Autobot cause. Get ready for an epic 11 page conclusion to this years Club Comic with a final battle you won't be expecting!

If you are not a member yet, now is the perfect time to join as we will be kicking off 2016 with an all-new story line and new article features in each issue of the TCC Magazine. You will also receive the 2016 Free Membership Incentive Figure RAMJET. So what are you waiting for, today is the day to Join Now!

11/20/2015 - TCC e-Hobby Pre-Order ends Nov 24th!

e-Hobby Deadlock!Hello Club Members,

We have opened a (Pre-Order) for the E-Hobby exclusive: Legends Deadlock (1 pc) $59 + shipping.

This e-Hobby exclusive limited edition Legends Deadlock includes a pair of guns, rifle, and a sword!


Delivery is sometime in March/April 2016.

Don't forget about our ongoing sale and thanks for your support!

11/12/2015 - BotCon 2016 Brochure is Online!

BotCon 2016!The BotCon 2016 Brochure is now available for viewing online. Please take the time to read through closely so you have a clear idea of everything offered for this years show and to help you decide which registration package best suits you and any family you plan on attending with. Stay tuned as you will be able to register for BotCon 2016 in the near future. We are very excited about this years show and can not wait to see everyone in Louisville, Kentucky for the biggest and best BotCon yet!

Make sure to visit the official website and click the Information link on the left to read the Brochure.

11/10/2015 - TCC Annual Holiday Sale!

TCC Holiday Sale!Hello Club Members... I hope you are all getting ready for Thanksgiving! We are getting an early jump on Black Friday!

We are offering our best deals ever on the last remaining souvenirs from BotCon 2013 and 2014 as well as some exclusive Print and Lithograph multiple item packs. In addition to these fantastic items we also have some great prices on our remaining club exclusives.

Don’t wait, at these prices these items are sure to go quickly!

Check it out at!

Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays!

10/26/2015 - BotCon 2016 Update!

BotCon 2016!We wanted to provide a quick update to let you all know the 2016 BotCon hotel block is nearing 100% full. If you have not made your reservations and you are coming next year, go to and click on the hotel link.

In addition, don't forget to update your Transformers club membership file for your membership auto renewal as everyone is beginning to receive their new chip embedded cards and your cc numbers have probably changed. You can do that at, click on the My Account to verify your information.

10/12/2015 - TCC Magazine Issue 65 SKY REIGN First Look!

TCC Magazine #65!Issue 65 of the TCC Magazine is jam-packed full of content this issue and it all starts with the cover, offering you a first look at the amazing Sky Reign artwork by Marcelo Matere. That, of course, is just the start! This issue features a great interview with Combiner Wars designer John Warden, an interview with Mitchell Whitfield, voice of FIXIT from Transformers: Robots in Disguise, a never before seen look at an early version of the 1987 G1 toy Punch/Counterpunch, character profiles and story snapshots, Another Light Part 5 and the NEW back page featuring the very talented and NEW TCC Magazine contributor Josh Perez!

Keep an eye out as the latest issue of the magazine will be hitting your mailboxes soon! If you are not yet a member don’t worry, the time is always right to Join Now!

10/08/2015 - BotCon 2015 Legacy Set!

BotCon 2015 Legacy Set!This Transformers Collectors' Club Exclusive BotCon Box set includes 4 BotCon Legacy characters. Included are Ape-Linq, Flareup, Shokaract and Flamewar. All 4 figures are presented in an illustrated display box. Also included with the set is an exclusive one page comic art print, tech specs and figure weapons.

You can order the 2015 BotCon Legacy Box Set while supplies last... Click Here!

10/03/2015 - TCC 2016 Membership Figure Preview!

TCC Membership Figure 2016!Here is a first look at the Transformers Collectors' Club FREE Membership Incentive Figure for 2016! This figure will be sent to any TCC member whose membership is active as of March 16th, 2016. This Generations Ramjet features an ALL-NEW head sculpt and will come with his weapon and an exclusive Tech Spec.

To see a full size preview image of this exciting club exclusive membership figure... Click Here!

09/28/2015 - Transformers Club FSS 3.0 Final Installment Billing!

TCC Figure Subscription Service 3.0!Our migration to the new server is now complete and we are ready to do the final installment billing on TFSS 3.0. For those of you who are installment pays, please verify your credit card information by 5pm Tuesday, September 29th, 2015.

If you have moved and need to update your address please login and update your file... Click Here.

The next figure will begin shipping next week.

Thank you for your patience while we transition to our new server.

09/16/2015 - Transformers Club FSS 3.0 Third Billing update!

TCC Figure Subscription Service 3.0!This is a quick update regarding the third and final billing for those of you who selected the installment plan for the TFSS 3.0. We are still in the process of moving to the new server and provider, so we do not plan on billing this week for the final payment. You will also need to wait until we email you before you make any address or credit card changes to your FSS Accounts. These changes will need to be done once the new server is in place. We’ll have more information for you shortly.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to make the move.

09/11/2015 - Transformers Club FSS 3.0 Update!

TCC Figure Subscription Service 3.0!For everyone who has ordered the TFSS 3.0. We hope that you are enjoying your first four figures but we need to take a minute to make you aware of a production issue with one of the two final figures, G2 Starscream.

We will try and take a long story and make it short here, but we want to give you all the info so you can understand the process better. Often times, for our exclusive toys we select molds that are not currently in production. So for those assembling the toys, they are often working on a mold that has not been seen in some time. Coupled with the fact that these are produced in VERY short runs, this allows for the possibility that minor glitches can occur in the assembly. Yes, there are checks and balances in place to avoid this. We get samples ahead of time. While every situation is unique, in the case of Nacelle and Starscream the samples we received were assembled 100% correctly. For the production versions, there was a minor issue however.

As you may be aware, the hinge piece that connects the wings to the body on the Seeker mold has a very small groove on the one side that allows for the wing to fold up in a smooth manner. If the tiny hinge piece is put on backwards, the wing has to fold up over a more defined right angle edge, without the small groove. To stress, this does NOT affect the ability of the toy to convert from robot to jet and back. It ONLY makes it a little more of a “hard” click as opposed to the smooth click as intended. Your Starscream still will convert to and from robot and will display great on your shelf! However IF you have any additional concerns, please contract our office before the final billing next week as we will NOT be able to do any exchanges on figures that have the hinges assembled incorrectly. Unfortunately, this was a wide spread error on both Nacelle (which also had reversed tail fins) and Starscream and we do not have the product to exchange.

We are in the middle of moving to a new server and provider (yea!) so I'll send out an email next week for you to update your account for those who have moved or need to change thier card number. Please do not use the old link as the data will not translate to the new code.

Thank you again and please know we make every effort to make sure you get the best exclusives possible!

09/04/2015 - BotCon 2016 Announced!

BotCon 2016!BotCon, the officially licensed Collectors' Convention for Hasbro's legendary TRANSFORMERS brand, announced that next year’s award-winning convention will be held at the historic Galt House, a waterfront hotel right in the heart of downtown Louisville, April 7th thru April 10th. In 2016, fans from across the world will be able to celebrate another exciting year of the TRANSFORMERS brand at North America’s largest TRANSFORMERS fan convention! You can make your hotel reservations now!

In the coming weeks, fans and collectors will be able to register for BotCon 2016 through the online registration system. Fans and collectors who register for BotCon as a Primus package holder will receive a five-figure TRANSFORMERS convention set, admission to the Friday private sales room experience, priority seating at all panels and seminars throughout the weekend and admittance to the Saturday night Casino Night and Awards party. Finally, Primus package attendees will also receive a special bonus TRANSFORMERS figure to go along with their convention box set. General Admission for non-registered guests will be available on Saturday and Sunday only.

For all the information regarding the BotCon show activities, hotel updates and the exclusive figure offerings, remember to stay tuned to

09/02/2015 - TFSS 4.0 Order Period... LAST DAY!

TFSS 4.0!The order period for The Transformers Collectors' Club Figure Subscription Service v4.0 ends TONIGHT (9/2) at 11:59 PM EDT.

The cost of this service is $297 (plus shipping). You can pay in full or in 3 installments. Again, the numbers will be run very close to what is ordered, so we DO NOT anticipate any singles ever making it into the club store. Sales and the feedback for these figures has been overwhelmingly positive.

So wait no longer as this is your LAST chance! Log In now to order your TFSS 4.0!

Please do not wait until the last minute as we will not be able to assist you if there is an issue. Please place your order this afternoon before 4:00 Central Time.

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